Homemade Raw canine Food Recipes

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Homemade raw canine food recipes

Making your dog’s raw food

How much raw canine food ought to I feed my dog?

Easy homemade raw canine food recipes

Homemade raw canine food recipe #1:

Homemade raw canine food recipe #2:

Dog treat recipe for raw feed dogs #1:

Dog treat receipe for raw fed dogs #2:

Some reminders about feeding homemade raw canine food recipes:

Update on feeding my canine raw food

Gradual switch to raw or quick switch?

Friends as well as household who are skeptical of raw canine food

Here is what I discovered after changing Ace to a homemade raw diet:

Do you feed your canine homemade raw food?

Homemade raw canine food recipes

I’ve been feeding my dogs a raw canine food diet plan because 2011. We started with a pre-made brand as well as ultimately I started making homemade raw food to save money. This short article includes a couple of homemade raw canine food recipes submitted by readers.

The primary drawback to feeding industrial raw canine food is the price. 

My canine Remy is a 63-pound weimaraner. He eats 2 pounds of raw food each day or 60 pounds per month. It costs much more than $300 per month to feed him industrial raw.

That’s the equivalent or much more of feeding an additional person, which is why it makes sense for some people to think about homemade raw food at least a couple days per week or to mix in with a industrial brand.

Making your dog’s raw food

If you choose to purchase components to make your dog’s raw food yourself, you’ll be purchasing foods like:

raw beef or raw chicken
raw organs like poultry livers
raw veggies

You can purchase many of these components at your regional grocery store or butcher. look for meat that is higher in fat. This meat is less expensive as well as thought about lower-quality meat for humans, however most dogs requirement the additional fat in their diets.

You can likely save even much more if you understand any type of regional ranchers, farmers or hunters. Deer meat as well as organs are ideal for dogs!

The added benefit of purchasing your own raw canine food components is that you will understand precisely what your canine is eating.

The drawback, of course, is time as well as making sure the meals are typically balanced.

To assist you out, I’ve written an ebook to guide you with the process of discovering to feed a raw diet.


How much raw canine food ought to I feed my dog?

The general guideline is to feed your canine 2 to 3 percent of his perfect adult body weight. This is just a general rule. Some dogs will need a bit less while others may requirement 4 or even 5 percent if they are extremely active.

Here’s a easy equation you can utilize to discover out exactly how much to feed your canine in ounces as a starting point:1. get your dog’s weight in ounces. To do that, just multiply your dog’s weight in pounds by 16. For example, my canine evaluates 63 pounds X 16 = 1,008 ounces.

2. Multiply your dog’s weight in ounces by .025 to get 2.5% of his body weight. Feed that amount each day as a starting point. So with my canine it is 1,008 x .025 = 25.2 ounces.)

According to the above example, my 63 pound canine ought to be eating 25.2 ounces of food per day, or about 1.6 pounds (16 ounces = 1 pound).

This is a extremely general starting point.

I understand from experience that my particular canine needs a bit much more food than this since as he is extremely active as well as naturally lean. Every canine is different!

You’ll likewise want to element in the treats you feed your dog. My canine gets rather a few treats as well as a bully stick many days.

It doesn’t have to be complicated! If your canine is underweight, feed him a bit more. If he’s fat, feed him less.

Easy homemade raw canine food recipes

I asked some visitors as well as buddies to share a few of their homemade raw canine food recipes.

The raw canine food recipes below are not necessarily 100 percent balanced or implied to be fed every day. They are not necessarily suggested by a veterinarian. They are not necessarily best for your specific dog.

These are just some real examples of genuine raw meals genuine canine owners have fed their dogs.

If you feed your canine raw, please share some examples of meals you feed your canine in the comments.

Homemade raw canine food recipe #1:


This is for a 100-pound Kuvasz dog. He gets this twice per day:

1/4 C. ordinary yogurt
1/4 -1/2 C. chopped or ground veggies (carrots, leafy greens, apples, broccoli or peas)
A skinned poultry leg quarter with bone (chicken leg, thigh as well as a few of the back, which typically evaluates about 1 lb)
3 ounces of poultry livers

If the poultry quarter does not have a great deal of bone, in some cases Biggie’s owners will add a calcium tablet.

Homemade raw canine food recipe #2:


This is for an active springer spaniel/pointer mix. twice per day:

1 C. raw ground beef
1 raw poultry thigh, with bone
1 ounce organ meat such as poultry liver (from grocery store)
1/2 C. vegetables/fruit blended
1 egg, with shell

Rotate the type of organ meat as well as veggies you use.

Dog treat recipe for raw feed dogs #1:


This technique is meant to keep the dogs (a basic poodle as well as a pitbull) occupied while their owner goes to work. It’s as simple as it sounds. just stuff a number of Kong toys with raw meat. then freeze as well as serve.

In this case, each canine gets 2 to 3 frozen Kongs per day. The Kongs are generally full of raw ground beef from Hare Today, a farm found in Pennsylvania that grinds, cuts as well as bundles whole animals.

Dog treat receipe for raw fed dogs #2:


Small amount of any type of raw meat
Small amount of spinach, chopped carrots or broccoli (blended)
2 C. water
1 big can of pumpkin puree (not pie filling – no sugar!)
1 little can of tomato puree
9-ounce paper cups

If utilizing meat, make sure it is finely chopped or ground. Otherwise, put it in a food processor with the water to make a soup.

Mix all components in a bowl up until well blended.

Put a extremely generous tablespoon in each paper cup. Freeze as well as serve. You most likely want to serve outside!

You might likewise put the blend into ice cube trays if you don’t want to utilize cups.

Some reminders about feeding homemade raw canine food recipes:

Some fruits as well as vegetables are not great for dogs such as grapes as well as onions.
Never provide your canine cooked bones or sharp raw bones.

If you are going to make your dog’s raw food yourself, I extremely suggest making at least a week’s worth each time as well as storing it in your freezer.

Update on feeding my canine raw food

All the above recipes noise easy, right? Ik geloof het wel. It’s just a matter of purchasing the food ahead of time as well as planning ahead.

To make it easier, you can always feed one meal of diy raw canine food as well as one meal of industrial raw canine food each day.

I suggest the brand Darwin’s as well as they offer a trial offer for new customers: 10 lbs of food for just $14.95 as well as totally free shipping! discover much more here, no code required!

Gradual switch to raw or quick switch?

Back when I very first introduced Ace to raw canine food, I slowly changed him from dry food to raw canine food by mixing the two together over eight days.

This is what the majority of vets as well as raw canine food business recommend, however some people just switch over “cold turkey” as well as it goes just fine.

See my post: exactly how to shift your canine to a raw diet.

Friends as well as household who are skeptical of raw dog food

This is just a little annoyance, however there are people who are certainly opposed to Ace eating raw food. I have to just clean their opinions aside as well as concern about myself.

I wished to mention this since it’s something you will likely come across if you switch your canine to a raw diet.

I don’t squander time trying to discuss the diet plan to specific buddies as well as household members. I understand what’s finest for my dog. They can feed their dogs what they want.

Here is what I discovered after changing Ace to a homemade raw diet:

Oor infecties

Ace utilized to get about two ear infections a year so not sufficient where I was overly concerned about food allergies or environmental allergies. because being on a raw diet plan he’s had one ear infection in about six years.

Itchy skin/dandruff

Ace seems to scratch a great deal less as well as lick his paws less when on a raw diet.


I don’t expect to notice a difference in Ace’s teeth, but numerous others report their dogs oral health and wellness improved significantly after changing to raw.


There is a great deal less shedding.

Minder kak!

I understand this is much more info than you want to hear, however Ace’s poop is small as well as difficult – just what I like to see!


My canine certainly has less energy every year, as well as while others report a raw diet plan seems to provide their dogs much more energy, that has never been visible with my low-energy guy. He’s just low energy all the time!

Learn much more about raw feeding with my ebook “10 simple Raw canine Food Recipes.”


Do you feed your canine homemade raw food?

In the comments, share some examples of raw canine food “recipes” you have used.

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