Our top gear options for infants as well as Dogs!

When it comes to dog gear, I tend to be quite low maintenance. most of our devices is extremely fundamental as well as we don’t have a whole lot. It turns out, our infant gear is quite much the exact same — unless we’re speaking adorable infant clothes with dogs on them!

There are a few things, though, that have made life with a dog as well as a infant much easier.

So today, I’m sharing my top three options for infant as well as dog friendly items. I’m likewise sharing three other pieces of gear that we may add to our collection in the future.


My single favourite piece of infant gear is a carrier. It makes walks so much easier than wrangling a stroller (see my tips for training your dog to walk with a stroller). We started with a soft provider that I liked (a Huggaloops) as well as then graduated to a infant Bjorn Original.

Now that Ellie is six months old, she’s almost outgrown the Bjorn, so I’m looking to upgrade. I like the concept of a provider that integrates a midsection strap to take a few of the weight off my shoulders. I’d likewise prefer something that will grow with Ellie, ideally for the next year. any type of suggestions?

Baby play yard

I’ve discovered it extremely useful to be able to separate Baxter as well as Ellie in the house, just in situation I requirement to step out of the space to go to the bathroom. See my publish on producing risk-free areas for your dog as well as baby.

We’ve never crated Baxter, so I decided to “crate the baby” instead! I utilize a big play yard. Ellie’s play mat as well as a few toys online in the yard, as well as so far she happily kicks as well as rolls as well as moves around.

Our play lawn is quite big as well as it likewise came with an awning to shade Ellie from the sun if we want to set it up outside. The play lawn is not totally dog proof.

A determined or energetic dog might rip the netting or even jump over the side. However, for us it’s a adequate barrier to keep everybody safe.

Hands-free midsection leash

I have always been a fan of our midsection leash as well as now that we have a infant I like it even more. With Ellie in her provider as well as Baxter connected to my waist, I sometimes have both hands free!

I utilized our leash throughout my pregnancy as well as it quickly changed as my midsection disappeared expanded. now that I’m back to my typical size, it still fits. It rides well below the provider as well as Ellie does not tangle her feet in it.

This hands-free bungee leash from Mighty Paw is a ThatMutt.com favorite.

Other infant gear we’ve considered

Hiking stroller

Hiking is one of Baxter’s as well as my favourite things to do together, as well as we’re enjoying sharing it with Ellie.

As much as I like our carrier, sometimes Ellie gets a bit heavy—and she’s only going to keep growing! A sturdy stroller that can go off-road would prolong our walks as well as enable us to spend more high quality time together.

Car barrier or dog seat belt

Baxter now rides in the trunk, while Ellie has the backseat all to herself. We’ve had no problem with everybody staying in their spots, however a barrier such as this one from Travall Guard may be useful if your dog has ambitions to be more than a backseat driver/babysitter.

Another choice is a dog security belt to keep your dog safely as well as securely tethered in one area of the vehicle.

Car ramp or step

Another vehicle accessory that we’re still thinking about is a ramp or step to assist Bax get in as well as out of the trunk. A commenter on my publish about exactly how we prepared Baxter for riding in the trunk suggested the Pet Loader stairs helped them.

As the chilly weather condition approaches (when Baxter’s joints are sometimes a bit tender), I want to make getting in as well as out easier for him, so I’d like to hear any type of other suggestions you have.

Before having a baby, I heard over as well as over exactly how they don’t requirement as much as stuff as you believe (although I can’t seem to pass up garments with dogs on it). The exact same is true of dogs, however we have definitely appreciated these few items.

Is there anything on your must-have baby-dog gear list?

Let us understand in the comments!

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