When is the best time to foster one more dog?

because Cosmo got adopted, we are back to three animals at our house. It’s peaceful. Rustig. Gemakkelijk.

It’s not that Cosmo was a issue (far from it!). It’s just that I had two dogs needing attention. two dogs to walk. two dogs to feed as well as let outside.

I like the difficulties of fostering, of training a new canine as well as assisting him be the very best he can be. I like caring for animals in general, however it’s likewise tiring.

A big amount of my energy goes towards taking care of my animals. I want it to be that way. much of my energy is likewise spent towards my dog-running company as well as preserving this blog. I like all these parts of my life, however it’s likewise good when I don’t have to believe about dogs 24/7.

Ace as well as I are enjoying our early morning walks without Cosmo. It’s fun to walk two dogs, however it’s good to focus my interest on my own canine – he definitely is worthy of it!

Morning strolls with Ace are laid-back as well as tension free. No tension in the leash. No freaking out over a youngster waiting on the institution bus. No growling at dogs along fences. just a slow-paced walk to begin the day.

Josh as well as I are always trying to simplify our lives. We look for methods to subtract tension rather than add it.

There will be one more foster canine in our future. most likely a foster cat, too. however for best now, we are enjoying the benefits of being a one-dog household again. as well as Ace is soaking it up!

Just as acquiring a new pet ought to be a decision the entire household agrees upon, fostering an animal ought to likewise be a household decision. If I had it my method I would most likely always have at least one foster animal (probably two). So it’s great I have my household to keep me grounded.

I interviewed each household member as well as asked the question, “Do you believe we ought to foster one more canine best now?”

Here’s what they said:


“Nou oke.”

Ace is extremely patient. He puts up with any type of animal we bring into our home. He hides his tension well, as well as he is the very best foster sibling ever since he leads by example as well as shows the other dogs exactly how to act. He shares his canine bed, shares his walks, shares his toys, shares the attention.

This is a great deal of work for a mellow dog, as well as I understand Ace needs a break.


“Let’s wait a couple months.”

Josh likes animals, however he does not believe in altering his life around to satisfy their needs. That’s not such a poor method to look at animal care.

Josh is incredibly tolerant of our foster animals. He works from house rather often, as well as this is incredibly useful when a new canine is adjusting to our routine. Josh has gotten utilized to sitting at his desk with a canine or two at his feet. This implies there has been some barking while he was on a call. It even implies there has been an accident or two in his office (like, a major diarrhea accident!). Josh never complains, as well as I am grateful for that.



The smallest amount of modification triggers major tension for Scout. When I moved some books from the downstairs bookcase as much as my closet, Scout was persuaded the world would end. When we got our very first foster cat, Scout was in puffed-up mode for about two weeks. He’s much better with dogs, however still not a fan.

Scout has been with a great deal with me. He’s essentially seen everything by now, however modification still bothers him. Scout was the very first pet I embraced on my own. I believe back to when it was just Scout as well as I in my Jamestown, N.D., apartment, as well as I have to say thanks to him for putting up with my craziness. He’s a great sport.



If something does not directly include food, then it does not even register on Beamer’s radar.

Out of everybody interviewed, he is the most supportive about fostering since he is so indifferent to it. He might care less if one more feline is in his territory. He is not fazed by an old American Eskimo or a hyped-up pitbull. He can hold his own. If he wants the couch or the canine bed or gain access to to the water dish, he just takes what he wants. He’s like the Honey Badger. Gotta like him for it.

So there you have it. It’s time for our foster break.

We have been fostering full time because March when we took in a bit black kitty from the pound. We even had two foster animals when she as well as Cosmo overlapped for about two weeks.

I can’t wait on our next fostering experience. however for now, I am going to delight in some downtime.

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