Five concerns With Barbara From the blog K9s Over Coffee

“5 concern Friday” is a new function on that Mutt where I interview people who work with dogs.

Today we have Barbara Rivers from K9s Over Coffee, a canine blog about raw food, recipes, exercise as well as more. She is likewise composing about raw canine food routinely right here on that Mutt!

Barbara has her own canine walking as well as pet sitting company in North Carolina as well as feeds her two boxer mixes a raw diet.

She composed an ebook called “20 raw meals for dogs.” It is a fantastic resource for raw canine food recipes as well as discovering exactly how to feed a homemade raw diet.

Here were my 5 concerns for Barbara: 

That Mutt: What’s the worst raw feeding guidance you’ve heard?

Barbara Rivers: That it makes the dogs’ human household sick. It’s truly no different dealing with raw meat for doggie meal prep than it is dealing with raw meat for my own meals.

As long as typical sense hygiene is practiced, nobody ought to get sick. I laundry my hands with hot, soapy water best after dealing with the pups’ raw meals as well as laundry down any type of kitchen area counter surface the meal prep was done on.

TM: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever encountered on a canine walk?

Barbara: That would be a buying cart in the middle of a stroll with our rural neighborhood. We snapped a picture, of course, as well as published it on social network ?

TM: What’s something you’re doing that you’re many happy of?

Barbara: this is only indirectly canine associated – I’m discovering to stand on my own two feet, financially. It does include working in the pet service market though – by running my own canine walking/pet sitting company as well as starting to work part time at a pet resort.

TM: Do your dogs sleep in your bed?

Barbara: You betcha!

I will state though that I was extremely strict about the pups not sleeping on my bed for the very first 4 years of their lives. They did sleep in my bedroom, however on their own doggie beds next to my bed.

After experiencing some difficulty in my relationship, the pups were enabled on my bed which I discovered to be, as well as still do, extremely comforting.

They’re sleeping on a doggie blanket that gets washed about when a week.

TM: Is there anything you want to state to That Mutt’s readers?

Barbara: keep being the incredible audience you are! It’s always inspiring to checked out with the numerous comments Lindsay’s messages get from you all.

Thank you, Barbara!
If you have any type of concerns for Barbara on feeding raw canine food or on having a pet sitting business, leave them in the comments below!

For much more from Barbara as well as K9s Over Coffee:

Blog: K9sOverCoffee.com

Ebook: 20 Raw meals for Dogs

Facebook: K9sOverCoffee

Instagram: K9sOverCoffee

Twitter: K9sOverCoffee

YouTube: K9s Over Coffee

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